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Upcycled Products in Bakersfield, California

At Envirocomposite in Bakersfield, California, we specialize in offering upcycled products in a creative and positive manner. We craft our unique, consumer-friendly items using local recycled materials such as plastic, wood, and tires. By using these recycled materials to create new upcycled products, we are saving resources and contributing to the conservation of the planet.

The use of old scrap wood, junk tires, and used plastics, helps to keep waste out of the landfills while still creating unique and useful items from the recycled material. Creating a new item altogether from these used materials is called 'Upcycling.' While we are firm believers in recycling to conserve resources, we also know that upcycling is a productive way to rid the environment of these waste materials while still having a "new" item you can be proud of.

Recycled Product

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These items include anywhere from stepping stones, to a creative rubber stripped privacy fencing, to using strips of the steel-belted tires to reinforce concrete/asphalt in place of rebar. We have discovered and created a multitude of purposes from these waste items. And while most of these ideas are way more cost-effective on the consumer, the neat thing about it all is that we have a way to re-use "garbage" that would have otherwise ended up in either dumps or landfills. 

Anytime we can divert even a fraction of waste from polluting our land is a big-time win for us!

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Our Featured Products

The environmentally conscious team at Envirocomposite creates all types of unique products, including floor mats and fences made from recycled tire products. We also make cargo straps with hooks for a variety of purposes, and we recycle and manufacture a selection of environmentally friendly products.

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