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     TWISTED LIDZZ is a headwear apparel company based out of Bakersfield, California that works hand in hand with others to promote their cause and features their products on our site!


      This is a fairly new company that started up in 2014 and is bound to go places with its products already having a huge uproar! Their specialty items are unique headwear that range from caps, to visors, to a sombrero-type floppy Sunhat.  Besides being fun to wear, there are many one-of-a-kind amenities, such as the patented pending 'Stretch Pocket' that  every Twisted Lidzz' brand item has incorporated into it.  The stretch pocket allows you to store your key card or anything else you would like to keep safe while carrying on your activities until it's needed.  Another unique amenity of the Twisted Lidzz' brand is that each item is reversible and flexible. It can be easily folded up and placed into your pocket, backpack or purse and when reversed can have alternating designs on each side. It comes with handy dandy 'Sunglass Holders' on each side of the hat and the most amazing part is that each and every product is made from Eco-Twill; an Environmentally friendly fabric comprised of 35% Organic Cotton & 65% Recycled Polyethylene Terethphalate (PET) post-consumer plastic bottles. In this way, we are paving the way to reducing the carbon footprint that we leave behind... Truly exciting indeed!


Loudly & Proudly Hand made In THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!



      Please go take a quick peek at a little web page they have and if you are interested you can order any of their products from our online store. Also feel free to contact us about their products as well, we'll have the answers you're looking for. 



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